Utility for simple extended elastic impedance illumination analysis. EEI approach was introduced by Whitcombe et al. in 2002, and became very popular in the recent years. 

Using this small application the geoscientists can easily analyse different khi projection angles for fluid discrimation or reservoir parameter prediction.

  • The inputs of the software are well logs which can be loaded from LAS file, or from exported log data file from OpendTect.
  • Once the logs are loaded, the user can define the velocity and density logs as the input of EEI calculation.
  • After pressing 'Calc EEI' button, all khi angle is computed between -90 to 90 degrees, and correlated to target log.
  • Cross plot of different khi angles vs. target log can be visualized using the trackbar.
  • EEI at selected khi angle can be save to a LAS file. 


Whitcombe, Connolly, Reagan and Redshaw, 2002, Extended elastic impedance for fluid and lithology prediction, Geophysics, Vol 67.  

The application is coded in Lazarus using FPC, and the used icons originated from FatCow Farm Fresh Icons.

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Khi 34 Fluid discrimination