EWM (Easy Wedge Model) is a simple application to generate seismic wedge models.

Tuning curves and thickness dependent AVO responses can be calculated using different wavelets.

Ricker, Ormsby or imported wavelet can be used for wedge model generation.

Rpp is calculated using Zoeppritz equation, and convolved with the defined wavelet.

Near, far and full stacks are available. Band limited impedance section is simulated using -90 degrees rotated wavelet.



1. Define or select a model from the templates

2. Setup seismic section (number of traces, processing sampling rate)

3. Define or import a wavelet

4. Click on OK to see seismic section

5. View tuning curves

6. View angle gather and select time to view AVO response



Left-click+drag: Zoom

Right-click+drag: Pan

Control+Left click: Select trace or time if gather view is on

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